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Written by Jenny Wanderscheid   
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artsJungle Arts and Crafts

Newspaper Trees
Take 3 sheets of newspaper and roll them up overlapping as you go. Tape the bottom. Cut about 4 or 6 slashes 1/3 of the way down the top. Gently pull up on one of the inside "leaves" and then you have a paper tree.

Animal Cracker Art
Supplies needed:
Light Blue Construction paper
Animal Crackers
Crayons or markers (Crayons work better)
Give each child a sheet of light blue construction paper and let them create a scene for their animal crackers to appear in. (They have a much easier time if you prepare an example for them to look at). After each child has completed their scene just glue the animal crackers to their picture.

A collage from animal crackers.

Cut a giraffe shape from orange paper, and sponge paint it with black paint to make spots.

Fluffy Birds
Glue 2 popsicle sticks together to form a cross. Glue real colored or paper feathers onto the cross leaving the top for a head. Glue paper head on top OR use markers as eyes & beak.

Zany Zebras
Give each child a construction paper picture of a zebra with no stripes, mane, or tail. Use a fine brush or Q-tip & have them make stripes with black tempera paint. When paint dries, glue strips of fluorescent paper on neck & tail. Have the kids fringe paper.


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