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Blue Necklaces
Make necklaces out of dyed wagon wheel pasta (blue food coloring and rubbing alcohol mixed with the pasta - mix in large Ziploc bag and allow to dry on a garbage bag overnight). The children use tipped yarn and thread on the blue wagon wheels (they are a perfect size for the yarn).

Blueberry blue
Make a blueberry pie: cut small pie shapes out of tan construction paper. Cut small blue holes with a hole punch out of dark blue paper. Let the children spread glue on their pies and add the blueberries.

Blue Fireworks
Pour about 2 inches of room temperature milk in a glass pyrex lid. Add 4-5 drops of blue food coloring. Nearby but not on top of the blue, do the same with yellow food coloring. Try to predict what will happen. Then add a few drops of clear dish soap between the color spots. What a beautiful surprise!!!! The colors swirl & mix into an green firework-type explosion. After watching it for awhile take a plastic spoon & stir the mixture to get a pale green color liquid. Try it with blue and red food coloring. This doesn't work if you use water instead of milk.



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