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Songs, Poems and Finger Plays


(sung to "Eensy Weensy Spider")
The firefighter helps us learn our safety rules.
Playing with matches is only for fools.
If you see a fire, "help, you'll scream and shout!" Dial 911.
The firefighter will put it out
Twinkle twinkle traffic light

(sung to "Twinkle Little Star")
twinkle twinkle traffic light
standing on the corner bright
when its green its time to go
when its red its stop you know
twinkle twinkle traffic light
standing on the corner bright
Do you know the police officer

(sung to "Muffin Man")
Oh do you know the police officer the police officer the police officer
oh do you kpolice officer who helps me cross the street
(fill in other verses here.......helps me when I am lost or who helps once cross the street etc)
Four Busy Firefighters
Four busy firefighters could not retire
Because they might have to put out a fire.
The first one rang a big brass bell.
The second one said, 'It's the Grand Hotel!'
The third one said, 'Down the pole we'll slide.'
The fourth one said, 'Get ready to ride.'
The siren said, 'Get out of the way!'
'We have to put out a fire today!'
The red fire truck sped on to the fire,
As the big yellow flames grew higher and higher.
Swish went the water from the fire-hose spout
And in no time at all the fire was out.
I Am A Fireman

(sung to "I'm A Little Teapot")
I am a fireman dressed in red.
With my fire hat on my head.
I can drive the firetruck, fight fire too,
And help make things safe for you.
Ten Little Firemen
Ten little firemen
Sleeping in a row
Ding-dong goes the bell
And down the pole they go
Off on the engine oh! oh! oh!
Using the big hose so, so, so
When the fire is out, home sooo slow
Back to bed all in a row.
Five Little Firefighters
Five little firefighters sit very still. ( Hold up five fingers )
Until they saw a fire on top of a hill.
Number one rings the bell, ding dong. (Bend down thumb)
Number two pulls his big boots on. ( bend down pointer finger )
Number three climbs on the truck right away. ( bend down middle finger.)
Number four joins him--no one can wait. ( bend down ring finger )
Number five drives the truck to the fire. ( bend down little finger )
The big yellow flames go higher and higher. ( spread arms )
WHOOO--OO! Whooo--oo! Hear the fire truck say ( Imitate siren )
As all the cars get out of the way.
Shhhh! goes the water from the fire hose spout. ( Rub palms together )
And quicker than a wink the fire is out ! ( Clap hands.)
The Firemen Song

(sung to "The Farmer In The Dell")
The firemen are brave. The firemen are brave.
Heigh-ho what do you know, The firefighters are brave.
Stop, Look and Listen
Stop, Look and listen,
Before you cross the street.
First use your eyes and ears
Then use your feet!
Traffic Light
The red light means stop
The green light means go
The yellow light means caution
This you should know.
The Firefighter
This firefighter rings the bell. (thumb)
This firefighter hold the hose so well. (index)
This firefighter slides down the pole. (middle)
This firefighter chops a hole. (ring)
This firefighter climbs higher and higher. (pinky)
And all the firefighters put out the fire!



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