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Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Blowing Bubbles by Ericka Northrop
Come with me; forget your troubles.
We'll take some soap and make some bubbles!
We can make them big or small;
It isn't very hard at all.
I can't be angry, sad or blue
when blowing bubbles-now, can you?
Just blow your blues into each one.
We'll watch them sparkle in the sun.
We'll send them out into the sky.
There go your troubles! Poof! Bye-bye.
My Love To You
Bubbles float high and bubbles float low
Bubbles filled with love wherever they go
So reach out and grab one it’s my love to you
This is the way I bid you adieu adieu, adieu, adieu to you
So reach out and grab one it’s my love to you.
POP! Goes The Bubble!

(sung to "Pop Goes the Weasel")
Soap and water can be mixed.
To make a bubble solution.
Carefully blow. Now, watch it go!
Pop! Goes the bubble!
Can You Blow a Big Bubble?

(sung to "The Muffin Man")
Can you blow a big bubble? A big bubble, a big bubble?
Can you blow a big bubble, with your bubble wand?
I'm A Little Bubble (tune: "I'm A Little Teapot") I'm a little bubble, shiny and round. I gently float down to the ground. The wind lifts me up and then I drop. Down to the dry ground where I pop.
Ten Little Bubbles (Sing to the tune of "Ten little Indians")
One little, two little, three little bubbles.
Four little, five little, six little bubbles.
Seven little, eight little, nine little bubbles.
Ten bubbles floating to the ground.
Here’s A Bubble
Here's a bubble, here's a bubble.
Big and round; big and round.
See it floating gently, See it floating gently,
To the ground; to the ground.
Here Is A Bubble
Here is a bubble (make a circle with thumb and index finger)
And here's a bubble (make a bigger circle with two thumbs and index finger)
And here is a great big bubble I see. (make a large circle with arms)
Let's count the bubble we've made. One, two, three. (repeat prior actions)

Draw A Bubble
Draw a bubble, draw a bubble. Make it very round.
(make a shape in the air with index finger)
Draw a bubble, draw a bubble. No corners can be found.
(repeat actions)

(sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle")
Bubbles floating all around (pretend to catch bubbles)
Bubbles fat and bubbles round (make a big circle w/ arms)
Bubbles on my toes and nose (point to toes; point to nose)
Blow a bubble. ..up it goes! (pretend to blow bubble; point up)
Bubbles floating all around. (pretend to catch bubbles)
Bub. . .bles fall. . .ing to...the...ground. (sing slowly & sink to ground)
My Bubble
Here I have a new bubble (make circle with thumb and pointer finger)
Help me while I blow: Small at first, then bigger (make circle with thumbs and pointer fingers)
Watch it grow and grow. (make circle with arms)
Do you think it is big enough? Maybe I should stop;
For if I give another blow, My bubble will surely POP! (clap hands)
This is the way we blow (pretend to blow, rounding hands as if holding up our bubbles, a bubble, spreading farther apart)
Blow, blow, blow.
This is the way we break (Clap hands together on each oh) our bubbles, Oh!, Oh!, Oh!



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