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jArts and Crafts

You can make them out of paper, or make real ones out of pumpkins.

Make jewelry by stringing beads on dental floss.

Paint with Jello
Paint or finger paint with jello. It has a good smell! Use several different flavors.

Jack In the Box
Make a simple jack in the box by using an empty small shoe box. Tape the lid onto the box on one side, cut a slit in the bottom of the box. You can cut out figures of people or animals from magazines and cover with clear contact paper. Use clear postage tape to adhere to a craft stick, Insert the stick through the bottom of your box. When you push up on the stick the lid should pop up. Or you can put the same stick in a paper cup and have the figure pop in and out of the cup.

Make small jack-o-lanterns using oranges. Draw on the faces with a black marker.

Pumpkin Shakers/Maracas
Paint paper plates orange. Put two paper plates together adding a green stem between the plates. Staple around the edge leaving space to add beans inside. Finish stapling. Let the children decorate with black construction paper shapes.

Make creatures out of junk such as bottle caps, empty clean milk jugs or cartons, aluminum pieplates, lids, etc. Make junk prints using the above items or potato smashers, toothbrushes, sponges, pastry blenders dipped into paint and then pressed onto paper.



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