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Written by Jenny Wanderscheid   


President's Day Songs, Poems & Fingerplays


Through hard work,skill, & determination.(wipe forehead)
Lincoln became one of America's greatest men.(one finger)
He was a peace-loving man who was just.(hand to heart)
Equal rights for all was a must! (spread arms)



A very old legend tells me (point to self)
George Washington cut down a cherry tree.(pretend to chop)
Because he would not tell a lie,(shake head sideways)
When asked who did this terrible deed, (deep voice,place hands on hips)

He said, "Dear Father, it was I." (point to self)
Although this story is only a legend, (shake head sideways)
It reminds me that George Washington
Was a brave & honest man!

My hat it has 3 corners.(form triangle above head)
Three corners has my hat.
If it did not have 3 corners,(raise 3 fingers fingers)
It would not be my hat. (shake head sideways)


It's a Special Day
(sung to: If you're happy and you know it)
It's a very special day today,
Yes sir! (Clap twice.)
It's a very special day today,
Yes sir! (Clap twice.)
It's Presidents' Day,
When we can shout and say,
"Have a happy, happy, happy, happy, day!" (Clap twice.)


George Washington
(Sung to "Yankee Doodle")

One time there was a little boy
Who had a little hatchet
He looked and looked around to find
A little tree to catch it

At least he spied a cherry tree
His father's pride and joy
He chopped it down, right to the ground
My! What a naughty boy!

And then he heard an angry voice
It sounded like a cymbal
George knew he was in trouble great
And he began to tremble

Who cut this tree, my son did you?
His father asked the question.
Yes, it was I. I cannot lie.
I cut it with my hatchet!

Georgie, Georgie, no, no, no.
Be careful what you do.
Hatchets can be dangerous
And you might get hurt too!

Presidents' Day
(sung to the tune of "My Country Tis of Thee)
Lincoln and Washington
They are remembered on
Presidents' Day.
Two men in history
Who gave us liberty.
Honor their memories
On this great day.


Lincoln Rap
Abraham Lincoln, I've been thinkin
When you were a tiny babe.
As a youth you told the truth
And so they called you honest Abe.

Abraham Lincoln, I've been thinkin
How you taught yourself the law.
Every book around you took
and read like no one ever saw.

Abraham Lincoln, I've been thinkin
Back to when you wrote the E-
Mancipation Proclamation
So the slaves could all be free.

Abraham Lincoln, I've been thinkin
How you bravely let the land.
Once divided, Now united
You made sure our house would stand.




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